3 Victorian Winter Day Trips For Those Who Can’t Drive

Holidays are fast approaching: for school students, university students and even for those choosing to take mid-year annual leave. But in order to go on the luxurious getaways and weekends with friends, you often have to fulfill one tiny requirement: a driving license. But what if you can’t drive yet? You’re not alone. In fact, a study found that in Victoria the licensing rate for people under 25 is actually on the decline. And if you fall into this category, there’s every chance you’ll still want to make the most of your winter holidays. That’s why today, we’ve put together a list of fantastic things to see and do in Victoria that you won’t need a license for.

Winter road trip

#1: Peninsula Hot Springs

Want to get outside this winter but don’t want to freeze? The Peninsula Hot Springs are the way to go. Winter is a fantastic time to visit the Hot Springs for more reasons than one, but we love it because it’s a warm, relaxing way to spend a winter’s day outdoors.

To get to the Hot Springs, you can either opt for private coach hire. Melbourne On The Move can work with you to create the perfect tour for your group. For example, we can include wine tasting and other highlights in your tour that you might want to see and experience.

Our base shuttle package includes:

  • Transport to and from the Peninsula Hot Springs
  • Towel Hire
  • Entry into the Bath House for 4.5 hours


#2: Phillip Island

If you’re a nature lover, this one’s for you. While Phillip Island is a popular hotspot for summer beach day trips, winter is also a good time to visit – especially if you aren’t a fan of crowds.

There are a number of fun activities you can organise for your day trip to Phillip Island. Some must-do’s include:

  • Watching the penguin parade. The penguin parade is an absolute must-see event. Every night, the Little Penguins return to their nests after a day of fishing, waddling up the beach and darting across the sand. You can watch them from the boardwalks, general viewing area, or even from a world-class underground view. Generally, crowds are lowest during winter, but because the penguin parade is one of Australia’s most popular attractions, you’ll find the activity still draws crowds all year round.
  • Whale watching. This is an especially good activity if you plan to go away in July, since this is when the whales migrate from the Antarctic to northern Queensland. There are a number of whale watching cruises available, or lookouts at Prime Rock and Cape Woolamai from which you can experience the stunning natural migration.
  • Local events. For a seemingly small area, Phillip Island has a lot going on. There are local markets, literary festivals and even rock ‘n’ roll nights you can head to. With the right planning, you could spend the morning at the local markets, have lunch at a brewery and see the penguin parade at night.

As for how to get to Phillip Island, you can catch the V-Line train to Stony Point and transfer to a ferry that will take you to Cowes, Phillip Island. However, if you prefer a less stressful and timelier method of transport, Melbourne On The Move also offers private coach hire to Phillip Island.


#3: Yarra Ranges

There are lots of things to do at Victoria’s Yarra Ranges. You’ll need to rug up, but you can definitely plan an action-packed day trip here. Check out a few of our favourite activities you can slot into your itinerary:

  • Andrews Market. Running every Saturday from 9am to 2pm, the St. Andrews Market is located at the foothills of the Yarra Ranges. It’s a local hub for all things art and craft, organic produce, vintage and retro items, handmade soaps, braids and lots more. There are plenty of options for food, so it’s a great idea to spend lunch at the market while you enjoy walking around all the stalls.
  • Redwood Forest. If photography is your thing, then you can’t go past the Redwood Forest. The rich red bark makes for stunning photos, and after wandering through the trees you can even make your way down to Cement Creek. If you’re planning to do commercial photography or an event at the Redwood Forest, ensure you have been granted permission from Parks Victoria first.
  • Donna Buang. If you’d like to experience snow without the entry fees and long lines, Mt. Donna Buang is your best bet. With zero entry fees, three toboggan runs and plenty of space to build snowmen, you’re sure to have a great day here. Make sure you check the weather reports first, though – snow tends to disappear as quickly as it comes. After your day in the snow, head back to Warbuton for a hot chocolate and a hearty meal.

Wondering how to get there without a license? Your best bet is private coach hire. Melbourne On The Move can take you there – don’t hesitate to arrange your trip with us. Call us on 1300 55 86 86.