3 Ways To Taste Wine Like A Professional

We often write blogs about how to get the most out of your trip to the hot springs, because it’s often assumed that there’s no real art to enjoying wine tasting, everyone just assumes you know how to appreciate a glass of wine. Of course, there are many different levels on which you can appreciate wine, learning to taste like the professionals can add another layer of enjoyment to your day out. In this blog, we break down the three key steps to tasting wine like a pro.


wine tasting

Step 1: Sight

Like any good meal, taste begins with sight. When you’re tasting wine, simply looking at its colour can tell you a lot about its character. For the best results, begin by tilting your wine glass slightly over a white tablecloth. Then you will be able to see the true depth of the wine’s colour rising from the depth of the glass, up to the rim. From deep, rich reds to light, golden hues of sunshine, the colour of the wine is a good indication of its flavour.


Step 2: Smell

According to research, as much as 85% of taste is influenced by smell. This is equally as important when it comes to wine. Begin by swirling the wine around in your glass to infuse it with oxygen for a full orchestra of flavours. To uncover the aromatic complexities in your wine, let the scent lightly float through your nose. Notice how the wine’s character reveals itself to you through its scent- can you sense vanilla, coffee, stone fruits? Or plum, spice, blackcurrant? These are all indications of the ‘spirit’ of the wine in front of you.


Step 3: Taste

After you’ve taken the time to examine the wine’s visual and scent characteristics, it’s time to finally taste. At this point, it’s important to note that being a competent wine taster is all about identifying why you do or do not like a certain variety- having an opinion is important!

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