4 Unique Ideas for a Girls’ Day Out

When someone says the words ‘girls’ day out’, the first thing that probably comes to mind is shopping sprees, long lunches, cosmopolitans at a bar, makeovers, or some combination of all four. Whilst these are fun to do every now and then, if you’re trying to organise a regular time for you and your ladies to catch up, these options quickly lose their lustre. In this article, we run through four great girls’ day ideas that are a little out of the ordinary.

Winery tour

A winery tour is a prime opportunity for you to explore and have fun with your friends. Melbourne on the Move offers girls’ day out winery tours to the Mornington Peninsula which makes for a stress free road trip to some of the regions’ choice vineyards and plenty of opportunities to catch up over a glass of vino.


Never have I ever day

Everyone has something they’ve always been curious to try but never had the chance, and these things are the perfect premise for a day out with your friends. New cuisines, classic films, extreme sports, and luxury treatments are all fair game, and if everyone in your group can come up with one ‘never have I ever’, you’re guaranteed to have an action packed day out.

Day at the Spa

A grown up version of the traditional makeover night, heading off to a spa is the perfect opportunity to unwind, recharge, and catch up with your friends. The Peninsula Hot Springs is a gorgeous day spa with over 25 natural hot springs as well as a world class spa treatment centre, so it’s a great place to take a group and indulge in some luxury self care. Melbourne on the Move offers girls’ day out tours to Peninsula Hot Springs which includes entrance to the springs as well as lunch.

Hold a séance

Tarot cards, love spells and Ouija boards are the stuff of high school sleepovers but the appeal of spiritualism endures beyond puberty. If you are interested in the spiritual world, a séance night (with cocktails of course) could be a great way to bond with your friends. Light some candles, put on your favourite Stevie Nicks inspired drapery and get ready to contact the spiritual realm.

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