4 Ways To Experience Indigenous Culture In Victoria

If you’re thinking of visiting or touring Victoria, you should consider adding some Indigenous Australian cultural experience to your itinerary. The Koori nations who are the traditional landowners of what is today known as Victoria and New South Wales have long, rich and cultures which are quite distinct from the more widely known cultural traditions of peoples in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. In this blog, we look at 4 ways you can experience Indigenous culture during your visit to Victoria. 

Bush walk Victoria

#1: Discover the Unique Beauty of Indigenous Australian Art

There are a number of galleries in Victoria you can visit to enjoy Indigenous art. Some include:


#2: Learn about some of the cultural traditions of different Koori Nations

The Bunjilaka Cultural Centre is a part of the Melbourne Museum dedicated to telling the story of both pre and post invasion history of Indigenous peoples through artwork, storytelling and performance. Various exhibitions at the Cultural Centre showcase unique aspects of Indigenous cultures from around Australia.

For example, First Peoples is an exhibition that focuses on the history, culture and achievements of people from the Koori nations in Victoria. Alternatively, Marramb-ik (I Am) explores ideas of identity and language through pop-culture comics.


#3: Receive a massage inspired by traditional medicine

In some Indigenous cultures, the displacement or loss of the spirit is believed to be the cause of some sicknesses. In these cultures, massage is used to return the spirit to its rightful place and restore balance in the body. The Peninsula Hot Springs, located on the Mornington Peninsula, offers a Kodo massage which is inspired by these techniques. The Kodo massage is a rhythmic massage designed to expel negative energy from the body, enhancing spiritual wellness. It is also physically relieving for aching muscles. The Kodo massage at the Hot Springs includes an Indigenous flora smoking ritual prior to the massage, using aromatherapy to achieve ultimate relaxation.


#4: Go on a walk with a Koori guide

There are countless bushwalks to explore across Victoria and who better to guide you than a traditional owner of the land you are visiting. In Melbourne, members of the Wurundjeri nation (the traditional owners of the lands Melbourne is built on) run a myriad of cultural walks at iconic locations around the city such as the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Dandenongs. These events provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the landscape and Indigenous history of Melbourne (Naarm) as well as how Wurundjeri peoples used the land and its resources to live and practice their culture.

If you’re already considering a visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs, take a look at their Indigenous Cultural Walk package. Lionel Lauch, a Bundjalung man, guides the tour. Apart from the walk itself, the package includes didgeridoo meditation and bathhouse bathing at the Hot Springs.


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