5 Facial Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Booked a facial for your next visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs?

Taking a little time to prepare is not only about being courteous to your esthetician, it’s also about making sure you are getting the best possible treatment for your skin. In this blog we are sharing tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your luxurious facial treatment.


Be upfront about any skin problems you have

Before you head into your appointment do yourself a kindness and let your esthetician know about any allergies or sensitivities your skin may have. That way they can prepare a treatment will heal and nourish your skin properly.

If you have something viral like an open sore the best thing to do is to reschedule.


Be able to name your skincare products

In the same way your doctor needs to know what medication you are on, your esthetician needs to know what products you use. If your skin is used to a certain product it might not mix well with another.

Also, if you bring along your products they can help you figure out if it’s the right one for you or not.


Keep your breath fresh

Needless to say, your esthetician will be working close to your face. For many, that makes them feel self-conscious about their breath. After all, if you’ve been munching on garlic bread surely they are going to smell it?

You’ll feel more confident going into your facial if you brush before your appointment or pop in a breath mint.


Avoid exfoliating for at least four days

Many facial treatments will include an exfoliating treatment. So, if you exfoliate your skin too much it can become irritated, sensitive or dry.

If this is going to interfere with your skincare routine you can always ask ahead of time to see if exfoliation is part of the treatment. The same goes if your skin is irritated by exfoliation.


Clear away any facial hair

In order to give you the best treatment possible, shave away any stubble before you head into your appointment. Not only does rough stubble irritate the esthetician’s hands, it also means they can’t give your whole face the proper attention it deserves.

So you can kick back, treat yourself and let somebody else worry about the little details. Get in touch by calling 1300 55 86 86 for more information, or book your seats online.