5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Melbourne Hot Air Balloon Flight

Have you ever been up at sunrise in Melbourne and seen the hot air balloons floating past in the sky above the city? If you’ve been wondering whether it’s possible for anyone to take a ride in one of those colourful hot air balloons, the answers is yes. Melbourne on the Move has created an incredible experiential package including a Melbourne balloon flight, breakfast at Hilton on the Park and the rest of the day at the rejuvenating Peninsula Hot Springs. Here are 5 great reasons why you need to book this day tour now and experience Melbourne from a hot air balloon.

Melbourne balloon flight

Watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon is an experience like no other

Experiencing a sunrise from up high in a hot air balloon is magical, breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The striking colours, the early morning light and the thrill of watching the city and nature around you awaken and start a new day is simply spectacular.

See the sights of the city from the best vantage point ever

Your sunrise hot air balloon flight over Melbourne will see you drift over an array of stunning parks and gardens and some of the city’s most iconic sporting venues such as the MCG, Melbourne Park and the Albert Park Grand Prix racetrack.

Love is in the air

If you are looking for a romantic experience to share with your special someone, you simply can’t go past a Melbourne hot air balloon flight. Hold each other tight as you watch the world pass by below and the sun come up. Feel the wind on your face and those first few rays of sun on your back as you enjoy magnificent views with your loved one.

It’s good for your health

Hot air ballooning impacts your well-being in a number of positive ways. The flight is a relaxing and uplifting experience which can result in a release of endorphins, increased heart rate and improved oxygenation of the blood. You not only feel happier and euphoric during the flight, a lot of people feel on top of the world long after the flight has ended.

The best way to see Melbourne

Reaching up to 5,000 feet above the ground, hot air balloons provide an unrivalled vantage point to appreciate just how beautiful the city is. Unlike an aeroplane or helicopter, a hot air balloon promises 360 degree views of your surroundings. Even if you have lived in Melbourne for years, you will discover a side to the city you never knew existed.

Your memorable day includes the flight, a 5-star full buffet champagne breakfast at Pullman on the Park, transport and entry to a Peninsula Hot Springs Bath House.