8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jimmy Barnes

Now that spring has arrived, the outdoor music festival circuit is up and running once again. Melbourne on the Move is proud to offer transportation to music festivals such as A Day on the Green and One Electric Day throughout the latter part of the year. To celebrate Jimmy Barnes’ top billing at One Electric Day on the 27th of November, we thought we’d take a look at eight interesting facts you probably didn’t know about one of Australia’s greatest musical icons.


  1. He has the most hit albums of any Australian artist
    As part of Cold Chisel, Barnes participated in the creation of 14 Australian Top 40 albums and as a soloist he’s produced 13 including nine number one hits.
  1. He is passionate about animal welfare
    Barnes has often spoken about his great passion for wildlife and the environment. He is a global ambassador of Wildlife Warriors (established by Steve Irwin in 2002) which is dedicated to international wildlife conservation.
  1. The Barnes family is a musical dynasty
    Four of Jimmy Barnes’ kids formed the children’s pop group The Tin Lids in 1991 and released three albums between 1991 and 1993. His eldest daughter, Mahalia Barnes is an established rock and soul vocalist, and his older brother John Swan is a rock singer who performs under the name Swanee.
  1. He is an outspoken political activist
    Barnes has used his public profile and his music to speak out on a wide range of issues over the years. He most recently advocated for racial tolerance and diversity and requested that the far right anti-Islam, anti-immigration group Reclaim Australia stop playing his song ‘Khe San’ at their rallies.
  1. Barnes is a Buddhist convert
    He also practices yoga and meditation to maintain his fitness.
  1. You can buy Jimmy Barnes shortbread
    It’s a well known fact that Barnes was born in Scotland, but less people know about their traditional shortbread recipe. You can buy it in a commemorative tin with Jimmy wearing a kilt on the lid.
  1. Barnes was never asked to be AC/DC’s front man
    There is an urban legend that Bon Scott was actually second choice for the front man of AC/DC and was only asked when Barnes turned it down. Although Barnes and Scott moved in the same circles and were friends at the time, he was never asked and in fact he left Cold Chisel for six months to front the band ‘Fraternity’ which Scott left to join AC/DC.
  1. He suffers from industrial deafness
    After a career in live music spanning almost 50 years, Barnes’ hearing has taken quite a beating and he now suffers from a condition known as industrial deafness, which is caused by prolonged exposure to a noisy working environment.

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