Best of the 90s (Prelude to The Big 90s Party)

The 90s have often been hailed as an interesting time for music. There was a lot of new genres coming out of the woodwork and equally as new and unique fashion trends accommodating them. But say what you will, the 90s were home to some iconic and unforgettable anthems that are still sung in clubs and showers across the world.

That’s why Melbourne on the Move is proud to be providing full event transportation services to The Big 90s Party at Rochford Winery this April the 17th. And what better way is there to prepare for a 90s party than to go through some of the biggest names of the decade and their most well-known hits. Let’s start with an easily recognisable name — Nirvana.

The Big 90s Party

Nirvana — Smells Like Teen Spirit

Whilst the grunge icons formed during the late 80s and even released their first album in ‘89 — they’re most well known for their hit Smells Like Teen Spirit off their second studio release in ’91 and becoming the public face of grunge music — a subgenre of rock. It was this single that brought the genre into the mainstream with its catchy guitar riff and iconic drum intro.

The trio went on to release one more studio album before disbanding in ’94 after frontman Kurt Cobain took his own life. Their legacy continues even to this day as Smells Like Teen Spirit remains one of the most recognisable songs in the world.

Spice Girls — Wannabe

The British girl group have been described as leading the second British Invasion of the US with their unforgettable pop anthems and beguiling allure. The five-girl group have released several popular singles since their inception in ’94, but none were as memorable, or more successful, as their debut single Wannabe.

The word catchy doesn’t even begin to describe the charm of this track as the vocals of each spice girl perfectly complements the other with a modernised call and response technique. In an era where Backstreet Boys and NSYNC were coming out of the US — these British vixens brought their A-game to the party and didn’t miss a beat.

Sir-Mix-A-Lot — Baby Got Back

The 90s were a decade where rap music really flourished and came into its own. The most commercially notable rap song of the decade would easily have to be Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back, with its groovy bass intro and unforgettable video clip. The ’92 track received some criticism at the time due to its raunchy lyrics but has remained a staple 90s hit.

The song takes an (at the time) less conventional approach and begins with the memorable conversation between Becky and her friend before the bassline kicks in and Sir-Mix-A-Lot himself opens with the iconic first words. The song has featured heavily in pop culture since its debut and was most notably heavily sampled by Nicki Minaj in her 2014 track Anaconda.

Oasis — Wonderwall

Whilst not a conventional dance song perse, the British rock band’s ’95 smash hit Wonderwall is still a heavily requested and sung song in clubs and bars all over the world with its simple 4/4 beat, easy-going open chord rhythm and catchy vocals. The song was written by Liam Gallagher and was originally titled Wishing Stone — later having its name changed in honour of George Harrison’s album Wonderwall Music.

TLC — Waterfalls

This smooth ’95 track gained critical acclaim upon its release and has become a much-beloved sing-along over the years. Released by contemporary R&B trio TLC, Waterfalls is an easy-going and mellow song that actually tackles some surprisingly heavy issues. Notably, it is alleged to be the first number one song to ever openly make reference to AIDS in its lyrics. The song spent seven weeks at the top of Billboard’s Hottest 100 in the US and reached second place on the overall 1995 Billboard chart.

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