5 Things You Didn’t Know About A-Ha (And 2 About Rick Astley)

As the year progresses, we move closer to one of our favourite music festivals – A Day on the Green. Melbourne on the Move will be providing official event transportation services and we can’t wait to get stuck into the great music and atmosphere. To get you all psyched up for A-Ha’s Rochford Wines show with Rick Astley, we’ve decided to take a look at five things you probably didn’t know about the Norwegian 80s icons – as well as two things about the superstar that’ll never give you up, Rick Astley.

MOTM A-Ha and Rick Astley

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The Origin Of Blues Music

Melbourne on the Move is proud to announce that we’ll be providing the official event transportation services for the Mornington Peninsula Blues Festival on the 8th of February. The festival is in its second year after experiencing huge success last year. This year promises to be even bigger with a fantastic lineup of Aussie blues artists such as Lloyd Spiegel and the Ray Beadle & Darren Jack Band. Before the event kicks off, though, we thought we’d take a look at the origins of blues music. The genre of music has had such an illustrious history, but its origins are just as interesting as the music itself.

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5 Unique Summer Day Trips

The fabulous, yet temperamental, spring season is starting to wind down – which means it’s time for summer to kick in. Beaches, sun and great times with friends, family and loved ones. Summer means something different to everyone but for most, it’s a time to take full advantage of the clear skies and great attractions. Well, as Melbourne bus hire specialists, we happen to know what some of the best day trip activities are around Victoria. So, without further ado, here are five unique day trips for you to consider this summer.

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5 Best Places To Spend During Oktoberfest

We’re already a week into October, and you know what that means? Oktoberfest! The popular German-born festival is always a much-loved social event that encourages great times to be had with your friends – as well as some biers and food. Whilst the original festival in Munich takes place over two weeks from late September to early October, other countries – including Australia – are more lenient with those dates. There are a number of locations where you and your friends can celebrate Oktoberfest from now till the end of the month and Melbourne On The Move are here to supply you with our top five picks. Like with any large event, you’ll want to make sure you’ve organised an efficient coach hire service to get you and your mates too and from the festivities – so you don’t have to worry about it during the day!

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School Excursions: 5 Melbourne Hotspots

Excursions are a staple of primary and high school life. Not only do they offer the students a chance to leave the classroom and get a taste of the world, but they can be quite educational as well. In today’s blog, our school bus charter company will be detailing some excursion hotspots around Victoria that offer a fun and educational time for students.

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6 Things You Never Knew About Rob Thomas

The widely recognised pop-singer Rob Thomas returns to Australia’s shores – and more specifically Victoria’s countryside – this November for A Day On The Green to charm and entertain us with the release of his latest album, Chip Tooth Smile. Rob Thomas has enjoyed a career juggling his solo works and being the frontman of rock band Matchbox Twenty. With his fourth solo album having been released earlier this year and his upcoming Australia tour and festival run, we thought we’d let our Melbourne coach hire experts tell you a few things about the musician that you probably didn’t know.

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A Father’s Day To Remember: Unique Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day is a day for celebration and appreciation. It’s a time to be grateful for all the fathers that have helped us to grow and navigate the weird and strange concept that is life. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be really difficult to get your father something for his special day. That’s why our private coach hire specialists have put together the following blog which will help you come up with some last-minute gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your father’s face.

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Your Guide To The Melbourne Cup Carnival

With spring less than a month away, it’s time to start thinking about the horse racing that accompanies it! The Spring Racing Carnival is one of Victoria’s most anticipated annual events, and with over two-dozen different races and events – you’ll be pretty hard-pressed to not attend at least one of them over the next few months. However, a lot of people tend to just get excited with four days of the Carnival in particular. The Melbourne Cup Carnival runs from the 2nd to the 9th of November this year and consists of four days of racing and refreshments that you can enjoy with your colleagues or friends. Our Melbourne bus hire experts have compiled this comprehensive guide to the week of high-fashion and even higher stakes.

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Just Bought Festival Tickets? Next Step: Festival Etiquette!

At four months away, Spilt Milk 2019 is well and truly on the horizon. With all tickets sold out, it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest festivals this summer. As official providers of event transportation services for Spilt Milk, we’re getting excited at the thought of a fantastic day ahead! And to get out of the winter slump and into the festival spirit, we thought we’d share our top tips on festival etiquette that you can put into action this summer.

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The Ultimate List Of Quirky Winter Activities To Try In Melbourne

When you think of winter in Melbourne, you may think of constant rain and staying home to avoid the gloomy clouds. In reality, winter in Melbourne is so much more exciting than that! In fact, there are almost too many things to do this winter, especially when you plan to use coach hire from Melbourne to other parts of Victoria. That’s why today, we’ve collated a list of the most unique winter activities in our calendar this year, so chuck on a warm jacket, pull a beanie on, and start planning your most action-packed winter yet! Continue reading