3 Hot Weather Escapes Around Victoria

Planning a day out during the Australian summer can be a bit of a struggle, particularly during a heatwave. During January and February, temperatures often soar above 35˚ and when that happens, most Melbourne residents resort to lying low at home with the air conditioning running or at best, going to hide out in the cool dark of a cinema. However, when the mercury rises, one of the best ways to escape the heat is to get out of the city in order to avoid the urban heat island phenomenon. Happily, there are dozens of warm weather country day trips around Victoria where you can cool off and have fun. This week, we’ve collected together three of the best.

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Three Fantastic Reasons to Pay a Visit to Phillip Island

If you’re looking to explore the great outdoors this summer, be sure to tick the beautifully tranquil Phillip Island off your list. Located around an hour and half from central Melbourne, Phillip Island is a fantastic day trip destination, with plenty of beautiful beaches to explore, lots of wonderful wildlife to observe, and seasonal events to attend. Read on to discover three great attractions this seaside getaway has to offer.

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How to Make the Most of Your Visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs

As exciting as the approaching festive season is, it can also be very exhausting. If you’re finding the combination of finishing up work for the year and planning seasonal festivities is taking its toll on you, perhaps it’s time for a little bit of time out and self care. When it comes to unwinding, there’s no better place in Victoria to do it than at the Peninsula Hot Springs and this week, we run through some tips to help you make the most of your trip.

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Seeking Out Victoria’s Best Secluded Swimming Spots

Whilst it’s an indisputable fact that Australia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, those lucky enough to live in our sunburnt country know that this is both a blessing and a curse. Whilst there is nothing better than stepping onto a pristine beach with clear cool waters and the smell of salt in the air, battling the crowds of enthusiastic beachgoers at iconic summer holidaying spots like Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula, and along the Great Ocean Road is anything other than relaxing. This week, we thought we’d point you in the direction of some of Victoria’s lesser known, but equally stunning swimming spots.

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Tales of the Great Ocean Road’s Shipwreck Coast

Australia’s island status has shaped its unique maritime history, which is full of exciting tales, notable events, and, of course, its fair share of tragedy. South-Western Victoria is home to a particularly volatile stretch of coastline, due to its unpredictable weather conditions and rocky terrain. Over the years, this section of Victorian coastline has seen many maritime accidents, earning it the apt moniker “Shipwreck Coast”. In this blog, we share with you the tales of some of the coast’s most infamous shipwrecks, which have contributed the legend surrounding the Great Ocean Road.

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5 of Victoria’s Best Christmas Markets

It’s almost that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, Myer has unveiled their Christmas Windows and shops everywhere are beginning to advertise their yuletide offerings; Christmas 2016 is just around the corner. Present shopping is probably the most irksome and stressful part of the festive season, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you get your present shopping sorted, we’ve cobbled together a list of Victoria’s best Christmas markets where you can get all of your gifts in one go.

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MOTM Halloween Special: Seeking Out Victoria’s Most Haunted Locations

In the Northern Hemisphere, October 31 marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the ‘darker half’ of the year. The ancient Celts believed that this was a liminal time, where the veil between our world and the spirit realm was temporarily lifted, allowing the spirits to cross over and influence the the living. Today, we still celebrate this auspicious time of year with Halloween, and if you are someone who has a vested interest in the otherworldly, this date offers a tantalising opportunity to communicate with the spiritual world. In the 200 years since Victoria was first settled, the intrigues, mysteries and tragedies of the many souls who called the state home have left a ghostly imprint on some of its most iconic landmarks. This week, the team at Melbourne on the Move take a look at three Victorian landmarks which are famous for their otherworldly inhabitants. Continue reading

4 Unique Picnic Spots Around Victoria

Spring is prime picnicking time in Melbourne, with the garden state in bloom and warm (but not too hot) weather well on the way, it’s time to pack a food basket, spread out a rug, and indulge in some laid back alfresco dining. This week, we take a look at four unique Victorian picnicking locations  to go if you want a picnic with a difference. Continue reading