School Excursions: 5 Melbourne Hotspots

Excursions are a staple of primary and high school life. Not only do they offer the students a chance to leave the classroom and get a taste of the world, but they can be quite educational as well. In today’s blog, our school bus charter company will be detailing some excursion hotspots around Victoria that offer a fun and educational time for students.

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Signing Your Kids Up To A Sport They’ll Love

Getting your kids to participate in sports from a young age is important for their health. But while they have so much pent up energy, the idea of a routine might scare them a little. Whilst it is important for kids to play a sport when they’re younger, it always helps if they actually like playing the sport. There’s no point in them doing something that they don’t love just to drop out a couple of months later. But, fear not, because our experts are going to go through some tips today on how you can find a sport that your child will love doing – and how to hire a Melbourne coach bus for when it’s time for their team to travel for games. Continue reading

7 Questions To Ask When Planning A School Camp Or Excursion

Let’s face it: excursions aren’t always easy to plan. They need to be carefully thought out, clearly communicated to other staff and parents, and often booked and paid for in advance. At Melbourne On The Move, our charter buses for school trips are very popular among school and university groups. We understand what it takes to plan a great excursion, and what kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself and others. We’re sharing some of the key questions in today’s blog! Continue reading

7 Things To Do During The Winter School Holidays 2019

As the school holidays for autumn wrap up this week, it’s likely that your kids are already looking forward to their winter mid-year break. Planning some activities in advance for the next school holidays will serve as some great motivation for your kids during the term, and can also reduce the hassle of organising things last minute. Our bus charter service from Melbourne takes our customers all over Victoria, so we have a few great activities up our sleeves that are sure to win the kids over. We are sharing some of our favourites today.

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5 Reasons Families Love Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is an outdoor museum set on a 25 hectare site in Ballarat which forms part of the world’s richest alluvial goldfields. This recreated goldfields township takes you back in time to the decade following the first Gold rush in Australia in 1851 when thousands of gold prospectors flocked to this part of Australia in an attempt to strike it rich. Sovereign Hill is a fantastic day out for both the young and old. Read on to discover 5 fabulous features that make this open-air museum a family-friendly attraction not to be missed.

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