Day-Long Tours: Four Things To Bring

The beauty of using a coach hire company for your day out is that you can travel to all sorts of places that may be up to three hours away from the city, and you could end up anywhere from a beach to a ski slope, all without having to drive. Whichever of our day-long bus tours from Melbourne you choose, be prepared for anything by considering our list of four things to pack.


Outdoor Clothing

Please check the weather forecast before coming on one of our day tours—and dress appropriately. Some tours are colder than expected; for instance, it can get pretty breezy along the Great Ocean Road, especially outside of the summer months. We recommend you pack a light waterproof jacket rolled up in your bag for the day if you have one. Try to dress comfortably for the type of activity we have planned; you wouldn’t want to be walking around the Grampians National Park in high heels, for example. Dressing wisely will help you get maximum enjoyment out of the experience.


We cannot overstate the importance of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. On some of our trips, you may not feel warm, but could still catch a lot of sun, for instance at Mount Buller in the winter, where the light reflects off the snow. We recommend wearing sunscreen with a high SPF (30 or more), and you may wish to take extra precautions if you have sensitive skin. If you have small children, bring hats with rims for them to wear to protect their faces, as well as high powered sunscreen.


Whichever day tour you choose, chances are you are going to see some really wonderful sights, and you will want to preserve them to look back on. Whether it is a little pocket camera, a full-blown DSLR or even just the camera on your mobile phone, you’re likely to get some lovely shots. Just make sure you have plenty of battery power remaining before you leave; avoid that disappointing moment where the screen goes black. Keen nature spotters might also like to bring along their own binoculars or telescope to see the wildlife better.

Bottled Water and Snacks

Most of our bus tours incorporate a meal at the appropriate time, and while we like to spoil you, we do have to stick to the schedule. So, if you suffer from low blood sugar or just get hungry often, why not take a snack with you to munch on, like a packet of nuts or raisins? It is a good idea to stay hydrated throughout the day by sipping on a bottle of water, which can help keep your energy levels up. It never hurts to pack a bottle of water and a snack.