How to Make the Most of Your Visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs

As exciting as the approaching festive season is, it can also be very exhausting. If you’re finding the combination of finishing up work for the year and planning seasonal festivities is taking its toll on you, perhaps it’s time for a little bit of time out and self care. When it comes to unwinding, there’s no better place in Victoria to do it than at the Peninsula Hot Springs and this week, we run through some tips to help you make the most of your trip.

Relax with a sauna session at the Peninsula Hot Springs


Bring your friends

In many cultures around the world, thermal springs are a place of social gathering and recreation. If you’ve been meaning to catch up with friends, then a trip to the hot springs is the perfect opportunity to unwind and reconnect with your favourite people.

Organise transport

If you’ve never been to thermal springs before, you’ve probably never experienced the sense of deep, satisfying fatigue which comes from spending a few hours relaxing in warm mineral waters. At the end of your time at the Peninsula Hot Springs, we guarantee the last thing you’ll want to do is get in a car and focus on the drive home. Let Melbourne on the Move take care of your transport instead so you can continue to relax.


Upgrade with a luxe treatment

The Peninsula Hot Springs is a great opportunity to engage in some much need self care and so if you’re already going to use the spring facilities, why not go the whole way and treat yourself to something a little extra like a spa treatment or massage. Combining a visit to the springs and a spa treatment can actually heighten the effectiveness of treatments like massage, as it warms your muscles making it easier for you to relax and for the therapist to achieve greater results. In the case of a facial, the steam from the thermal waters will help to open your pores, so your skin is better able to absorb the treatment.

Drink plenty of water

The thermal springs increase blood flow and stimulate circulation, so it’s important to rehydrate your body by drinking lots of water. There are also some schools of thought which suggest that thermal spring bathing can help release toxins from your body and that water helps to flush them out.

Consider doing a tech detox for the rest of the day

Capitalise on your newly found peace of mind after you return from your time at the hot springs by turning off all of your electronic devices and continuing to focus on unwinding and self care.

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