How To Prepare For Groovin’ The Moo

With Groovin’ the Moo in Bendigo fast approaching, you should definitely be starting to think about how exactly to get the logistics of the event sorted out. With fantastic Australian acts on the lineup like Alex Lahey, Grinspoon and Ball Park Music (not to mention international acts like Aminé), you’ll want to be able to enjoy the day fully without any hiccups. That’s why this week we are running through some things to consider now so that you don’t have anything to worry about on the day. 

Best friends at a music festival

Pack for the weather

Typically, Groovin’ the Moo has meant rain, mud and slosh. The good news is that no matter what the weather happens to be, the show will go on, but that means it’s time to ditch the canvas shoes and bring along a pair of gumboots or other rain-proof footwear.

It might also be a good idea to invest in a raincoat or even a cheap poncho (note that umbrellas are not allowed inside the event). They might not be as fashionable as Coachella outfits, but hey – no one ever said you couldn’t wear them and also wear glitter on your face!


Always expect the worst

Aside from packing to suit the worst possible weather conditions, you should also be wary of what else might go wrong. These are some things you might consider:

  • Carrying a small first aid kit in your bum bag or backpack. Inside the kit, you might like to include Band-Aids, over-the-counter medication like paracetamol and medical disinfectant (ensure they are clearly labeled and in original packaging), sunscreen and hand sanitiser.
  • Carrying extra cash just in case. You never know when you’ll need it, from wanting to buy band merchandise spontaneously, to needing to book an extra night at your accommodation due to an emergency.
  • Checking camera restrictions. It is highly recommended that you read the festival FAQs and camera guides to avoid disappointment on the day.


Sort out your transportation early

Transport is something you shouldn’t have to worry about when you’re thinking about a fun event like Groovin’ the Moo. Driving to the Bendigo site can be difficult, with traffic congestion and parking confusion almost certainly on the cards.

Taking a shuttle bus is a simple, safe and worry-free way to get yourself and your friends there. Melbourne on the Move offer a shuttle service to and from the event. Larger groups might consider hiring a bus from Melbourne or Geelong. To learn more about our capabilities contact us on 1300 55 86 86.