Just Bought Festival Tickets? Next Step: Festival Etiquette!

At four months away, Spilt Milk 2019 is well and truly on the horizon. With all tickets sold out, it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest festivals this summer. As official providers of event transportation services for Spilt Milk, we’re getting excited at the thought of a fantastic day ahead! And to get out of the winter slump and into the festival spirit, we thought we’d share our top tips on festival etiquette that you can put into action this summer.

Festival rubbish etiquette

Stay hydrated and protected

Summer festivals are notorious for sunburn and dehydration. If you’re unlucky, you could even face the total opposite – pouring rain is entirely possible, too (especially in Victoria). When it comes to festivals, it pays to be prepared for any kind of weather that might come your way. Check out our festival preparation guide to find out exactly what you need to bring in your daypack. And if you’re going to Spilt Milk, make sure you familiarise yourself with what is and isn’t allowed beyond the festival gates, and what you’ll need on the day.


Sort out your transport in advance

The last thing you want is to be stuck without reliable transport on the day of your festival. Whether you’re planning to go to Spilt Milk or any other festival, you need to keep in mind that parking will be extremely limited and last-minute taxis will be in high demand.

Your best bet for reliable, safe and comfortable event transportation services is a shuttle bus or private coach. A shuttle bus will be able to provide stress-free pickups and drop-offs for your festival, usually to and from a designated location.

If you do plan to book a shuttle bus or similar event transportation services, you need to be wary of the following etiquette tips:

  • Remember that your driver is trying to get you there as safely as possible, so keep distractions to a minimum and be aware of other patrons
  • If you’re prone to carsickness, come prepared and sit close to the front of the bus
  • Don’t bring alcohol onto the bus and keep it as clean as possible
  • Be polite to your driver and thank them for their service!


Don’t litter

Picking up your rubbish is a tip that should really go unsaid, but unfortunately, many festival patrons fail to follow this basic protocol. In fact, in a recent study involving 800 people in Australia, over half the participants believed that cleaning up their own rubbish at festivals was not their responsibility.

While event organisers and sponsors are finding better ways to encourage waste disposal, it’s ultimately up to the patrons to cooperate with this sentiment. Keeping our environment clean and healthy should be a priority for every Australian festivalgoer, so either take your rubbish with you or dispose of it correctly in the bin.


Dress for the occasion

Of course, one of the most exciting parts of a festival is organising your outfit! When choosing what to wear, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Choose comfy, enclosed footwear, as many festivals are held on open fields that can become muddy and slippery
  • Wear something that is going to be comfy and appropriate for the weather – don’t forget that you’ll be there all day, so a flashy (yet uncomfortable) getup is probably not the best choice
  • Keep a small bag with you for essentials – most festivals allow any type of bag smaller than A4 size.


Party responsibly

There’s no denying that festivals are fun. That’s the whole point! But when it comes to etiquette, you need to keep in mind that pacing is the key to keeping it fun for everyone. If you plan to drink, then do so responsibly. Stay hydrated with water throughout the day, and ensure you pay a visit to the food stalls at least once. There’s no bigger mood dampener for everyone around you than having to mind a sick friend – plus, if you’re out too early, you could miss some of the best acts on the lineup.


Look out for others

Keep the festival space safe by looking out for anyone that may be in need of some help. Whether they may need a glass of water or their phone has run flat, remember that helping others out will keep the good vibes rolling.


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