Luxe Ways to Treat Yourself This Winter

Now that we are well and truly in the depths of a classic Melbourne winter, it’s tempting to burrow down in your doona and hibernate until springtime. Whilst it’s true that the winter months don’t have the same social effervescence, or variety of outdoor activities as summer does, they offer us an opportunity to indulge and replenish ourselves before the madness of the sunny season takes hold again. This week, we take a look at four decadent winter activities which are guaranteed to replenish your soul and renew your faith in the cold weather months. Continue reading

Following the Trail of the Kelly Gang

It’s impossible to think about the Australian bush without bringing to mind the image of Ned Kelly with his gun and homemade armour. 136 years after the last surviving member of the Kelly gang was sentenced to hang, Australians remain enthralled by the romantic tale of this outlaw folk hero, but very few have ever visited the landmark sites where Ned Kelly’s legend was forged. The Kelly Gang were primarily active in a small pocket of northern Victoria, just a little over two hours outside Melbourne. Continue reading

Digging Into Australia’s Illustrious Gold Rush History

In May of 1851, a prospector named Edward Hargraves was panning in an area northeast of Orange in NSW when he found a payload of gold. Up until that point, there had only been whispers of Australia’s vast gold reserves, which had quickly been quashed by local officials for fear that settlers and workers would abandon their post in search for greater riches. However, once Hargraves found that first payload of gold, news travelled quickly and before a week had passed there were over 400 people digging in that area, by the end of the month there were over 2000. Continue reading

5 Reasons The Grampians National Park Should Be on your Bucket List

Just 3 hours northwest of Melbourne is a unique bush landscape that has to be seen to be believed. Stark sandstone mountain ranges that echo with the sound of native bird calls, air thick with the scent of gum, and clear country light are what you can expect when you pay a visit to the incredible Grampians National Park. Melbourne On The Move offer Grampians tours and to celebrate the unique beauty of this otherworldly landscape, we’ve put together a list of 5 reasons why you have to visit this part of Victoria at least once in your lifetime. Continue reading

Finding Victoria’s Best Public Golf Courses

Golf is one of the great outdoor sporting experiences and Victoria is brimming with dozens of gorgeous public courses just waiting to be tried out. In this article, we take a look at some of the best courses in regional Victoria which are the perfect places to indulge your love of this gentlemanly sport and see some of the state’s beautiful country landscapes.

Continue reading

10 Interesting Facts About Mt Buller

This weekend marks the beginning of the ski season at Mt Buller, one of Victoria’s most popular alpine resorts. Whether you’re a fan of carving up the white powder on your skis, or warming your toes by a roaring fire and sipping hot chocolate whilst the snow falls outside, Mt Buller has something to offer everyone. Continue reading

Discovering the Incredible Wildlife of Phillip Island

Phillip Island has a unique ecosystem that is teeming with wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Melbourne on the Move offers a bus charter from Melbourne to Phillip Island to see the Penguin Parade, as well as several day tours that encompass some of the other, lesser known wildlife attractions on the island. In this article, we celebrate the stunning flora and fauna of the island by taking a look at four of it’s unique inhabitants. Continue reading

The 5 Wonders of the Great Ocean Road

Perhaps Victoria’s most famous tourist attraction, the Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometres of windswept coastline, towering rock formations, sparse vegetation and vibrant regional towns. In this article, we uncover five of the biggest drawcards that the Great Ocean Road has to offer. Continue reading

Eat Your Way Around the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is Victoria’s food bowl. Jutting out into the blustery Bass Strait, the Peninsula offers up a plethora of breathtaking landscapes, and colourful regional communities. The Peninsula’s fertile soils have long attracted farmers to the area and although few commercial scale agricultural operations still exist in the area, an increasing number of small producers are choosing to setup farms that co-exist harmoniously with the natural environment. The result is a veritable horn of plenty just an hour outside the city and to celebrate the wonderful produce that comes from this region, we’ve found four of the best farm gate experiences to be had on the Mornington Peninsula. Continue reading

Getting the Most of Melbourne During the Wintertime

Frequently voted as once of the most liveable cities in the world Melbourne is a diverse city full of sights and delights to enthral even the most jaded urbanite. Although famous for it’s unpredictable weather and temperature extremes, Melbourne is a great place to visit year round and there are a whole host of great seasonal activities to get involved in once the cold weather rolls around. In this article, we look four great things to do in Marvellous Melbourne during winter. Continue reading