Go Back in Time With These Tours

Here at Melbourne on the Move, we are very proud of the landscape, culture and history we have on our doorstep and we really want to show it off to you. While some of our tours focus more on specific activities or the natural world, some will tell you a little bit more about life in Victoria generations ago. These tours are especially popular with families, but will also be of interest if you just want to find out a little more about the history of our great state. Continue reading

Explore the Great Ocean Road By Bus

If you only have time to take one trip when you are in Victoria, make it the Great Ocean Road. The route takes in many of the spectacular sights that the area is famous for, such as the 12 Apostles, and here at Melbourne on the Move, we offer daily tours that take care of all of the driving for you. With two options, the standard and the $88 version, why not do a little research or give us a call to find out which would suit you best? Continue reading

You Must See This! Top Picks For Visiting Couples

Every year, people flock to Victoria from all over the world to experience the beautiful scenery, wildlife, food, wine and much more. The stunning surroundings make the area the perfect place for a romantic stay, with something for everyone – from honeymooners to those of you celebrating a big anniversary. Even if you don’t have a car with you, you needn’t be stuck where you are staying. Hop on one of our tours to do or see something a little different, get out of the city and enjoy yourself without worrying about driving. Take a look at our top picks for visiting couples to find the perfect trip for you. Continue reading

Your Favourite Band By Bus

If you have ever queued to get out of a busy car park after a sold-out concert, you will know how much the stress of driving to and from gigs can spoil your experience. Subtract the car from the equation and enjoy going to see your favourite bands by coach. Take as many friends as you like without worrying about how many will fit in the car, and you can all enjoy yourselves without having to worry about the designated driver. Here are just some of the highlights coming up this year:

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You Must See This! Top Picks For Visiting Families

For those of you visiting Melbourne on holiday, what could be better than one of our day tours from the city? If you don’t have a car with you, we can show you some of the beautiful areas of Victoria outside the city. If you do have a car, we’ve got a stress-free, professionally led alternative that will bring you straight to the best sights and give you the background on what you’re looking at, too. Continue reading

A No-Worries Girls Day Out

So, it is your turn to organise a big girls day out… We know that when you have to deal with the planning side of things, what should be a fun day can soon turn into a chore! If you don’t want to give her another bottle of perfume, a day out is a great gift for your mum’s birthday, especially if she gets to share it with you. Continue reading

All About the Penguin Parade

The penguin parade is one of the most popular tourist attractions near Melbourne. People flock from all over the world to watch the wonderful sight of a whole horde of little penguins returning to their burrows from the sea at night. Watching the fairy penguins is a great way to spend an evening, whether you’re a visitor or a long-time Melbourne resident. Continue reading