7 Things You Should Know When Planning A Summer Wedding

Beautiful sunshine, blue skies, and the holiday season: it’s no wonder why summer is the most popular time of year for weddings. But with the wedding season does come a few extra things to consider, from timely wedding bus hire to keeping your flowers hydrated.

Summer wedding flowers

#1: It’s going to be hot

The fact that the weather will likely be hot may be an obvious fact, but it is one that affects many of your other decisions. The heat is not only going to affect your venue setup, but it will also affect your food choices, flower arrangement, and even your wedding dress.

Your top priority will primarily be ensuring that the heat doesn’t reach a point where it becomes unenjoyable. You’ll want to investigate your venue thoroughly to confirm that there is plenty of shade, and that you can have A/C units and fans running in the outdoor area.


#2: You should prepare for bugs

When planning an outdoor summer wedding, you should also take into account several uninvited guests that will almost certainly show up throughout the day: bugs. Bugs will be out and about due to the warm weather, especially at dusk, as mosquitoes and moths in particular are attracted to light.

This can be irritating and uncomfortable for your guests. Luckily, it is relatively easy to prepare for this potential disturbance in the following ways:

  • Burn candles or choose flowers with scents that repel insects
  • Keep plenty of repellent ready to go
  • Use fans to keep the air moving (mosquitos prefer still air)


#3: Your flower arrangement will need extra attention

The heat can really dry out your flower arrangement, causing it to wilt faster than it usually would. If your arrangement is exposed to constant sunlight, having someone spray it with water every hour or so will help it to stay looking fresh and full of life. However, if you can, positioning the arrangement in the shade is the best way to go.


#4: The food and drinks should complement the weather

Making the right food and beverage choices for your summer wedding is a crucial step that can affect the comfort of your guests. For example, opting for a particularly spicy or heavy menu is going to heighten the discomfort of the heat (rather than offsetting it).

Instead, you should have plenty of fruit on offer, along with cold drinks throughout the day. Ice-cream and gelato are also popular dessert options for summer weddings.


#5: Staying sun smart is important

Providing plenty of shade for your guests is a must for any summer wedding. However, going the extra mile with sun safety is a thoughtful way to keep all your guests happy and safe.

Keeping your guests safe from the sun can be as simple as:

  • Providing a small bottle of sunscreen for each guest
  • Supplying easy-to-access small bottles of chilled water around the venue
  • Providing small handheld fans for each table


#6: It could still rain

Planning a wedding in summer months unfortunately does not guarantee that the day will be all sunshine and blue skies. There is still a chance you might experience rain on your big day. For this reason, it’s important you have a backup plan in the event that it does start pouring down.

A good backup plan looks different for everyone. It could mean that you ensure there’s plenty of undercover areas at your venue, or that you reserve another venue entirely. Essentially, the important thing is to have a Plan B that suits your budget.


#7: Summer is the busiest season for weddings

It truly does pay to be prepared in the busiest wedding season of the year! Remember: many other people will be booking venues and vendors nice and early to beat the crowd. If you aim to have a summer wedding, your biggest priority should be planning and reserving your venue and vendors during off-peak seasons before the wedding.

Examples of must-have wedding vendors that should be booked in advance may include:

  • Your wedding bus hire and any other transport required
  • A photographer and/or videographer
  • A florist
  • Catering
  • Any live musicians or performers
  • An officiant


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