Seeking Out Victoria’s Best Secluded Swimming Spots

Whilst it’s an indisputable fact that Australia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, those lucky enough to live in our sunburnt country know that this is both a blessing and a curse. Whilst there is nothing better than stepping onto a pristine beach with clear cool waters and the smell of salt in the air, battling the crowds of enthusiastic beachgoers at iconic summer holidaying spots like Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula, and along the Great Ocean Road is anything other than relaxing. This week, we thought we’d point you in the direction of some of Victoria’s lesser known, but equally stunning swimming spots.

Lysterfield Lake

Pound Bend

In the 19th century, miners constructed a tunnel at Pound Bend in an attempt to alter the course of the Yarra River so that they could generate electricity and mine the riverbank for gold. Neither of these things worked out, but the tunnel did create a set of rapids at the outlet which swimmers at Pound Bend can let wash over them. For those seeking a more tranquil swimming experience, there are plenty of calmer pools downstream as well as a large grassy picnic area with tables, toilets, canoe ramps and nature trails.

Laughing Waters

Just 30 minutes from the CBD, Laughing Waters is a secluded section of the Yarra River surrounded by bush land. The silty waters are perfect for wading or floating on an inflatable lilo (but don’t put your head under) and there are plenty of small freshwater rock pools to explore. There are no facilities at Laughing Waters and it tends to get busy in the warmer months, so make sure you pack all the essentials and get there early to get the most out of this swimming spot.


Lerderderg Gorge

Over millennia, the Lerderderg River has carved a 300-meter-deep gorge filled with clear, cool water from the sandstone and slate. Lerderderg Gorge is a peaceful bush oasis where you can either enjoy a barbecue picnic on the lawn at MacKenzie’s Flat Picnic Area, or hike 3km upstream to Grahams Dam for a more secluded swimming experience.


Turpin Falls

A kind of waterfall/billabong hybrid tucked away in the rolling hills and farmland of the Macedon Ranges, Turpin Falls is a gorgeous spot for those seeking seclusion. Only accessible via a steep and narrow path, the deep waters are surrounded by 20-meter-high rock walls and dotted with plenty of smaller rocks which as perfect for sun basking.


Lysterfield Lake

With a large manmade lake filled with mild, clear water, a few sandy beaches, and a decked out barbecue area, Lysterfield Lake has all the ingredients you need for a perfect day out. This place is ideal for watersports including canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing. There are also plenty of tracks for walking, mountain biking, and even horse riding.


Half Moon Bay

Named for it’s crescent shape, Half Moon Bay is a picturesque spot surrounded by sculptural cliffs. There are lots of things to do in addition to swimming (or jumping off the pier) at Half Moon Bay including snorkelling and boating. The nearby Cerberus Beach Kiosk also sells excellent fish and chips, which you can munch on as you ponder the fate of the HMVS Cerberus, the world’s last surviving monitor ship which now acts as a breakwater for the bay.


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