The 5 Wonders of the Great Ocean Road

Perhaps Victoria’s most famous tourist attraction, the Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometres of windswept coastline, towering rock formations, sparse vegetation and vibrant regional towns. In this article, we uncover five of the biggest drawcards that the Great Ocean Road has to offer.


  1. Koalas and whales
    Australia’s most recognisable animal, the koala can be found in abundance along the coastal bushland between Lorne and Apollo Bay. Sometimes you can spot these furry marsupials munching leaves or having a rest in the gumtrees alongside the road, but there are also a number of wildlife sanctuaries in the area where you can get up close (and even cuddle) to this iconic creature.During the cooler months (June-October) it’s also possible to spot Southern right and blue whales migrating from Antarctica or using one of the region’s many sheltered bays to birth and nurse their calves.
  1. Shipwreck coast
    Stretching 130 km from Cape Otway to Port Fairy, the Shipwreck Coastline is perhaps the defining feature of the great ocean road. Characterised by dramatic limestone formations and powerful waves, it’s easy to see why so many ships have met their fate on this coastline over the past 180 years.
  1. London Arch
    A stunning natural limestone arch formation standing stark against the frothing sea. The Arch used to be known as the London Bridge and had a double span natural bridge that could be walked across. However, in 1990, natural erosion took it’s toll and one of the arches connecting the formation to the shoreline collapsed.
  1. Maits Rest
    An ancient rainforest in the Great Otway National Park where you can stroll along a boardwalk amongst the ferns and gaze up at the 300-year-old myrtle and beech trees.
  1. The Twelve Apostles
    It would be remiss of us to write a list of the greatest attractions on the Great Ocean Road without including its most famous natural wonder; The Twelve Apostles. These sheer limestone stacks rise like titans out of the wild Southern Ocean and are a sight to behold at sunset with the dramatic golden light hitting the cliffs.

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