The Essential Elton John Playlist

Wacky and weirdly wonderful, Elton John remains one of the most well known names in pop music to this day. He emerged as the king of radio in the 1970s, from sensitive ballads to grungy, glam rocker style hits, to everything in between. Elton has spent the past 50 years building one of the most unique repertoires in pop music industry. In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of his most iconic tunes, from Tiny Dancer to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Sir Elton John

Tiny Dancer


Clocking in at just over 6 minutes, the radio edit of Tiny Dancer flopped the first time it was on the radio. But when the full version was released to the public, the slow musical progression that is so integral to the song, as well as Elton’s solo piano and vocals at the start and end of the song, converted audiences to true Tiny Dancer fans. The slight touch of country, and hymnal influence throughout create a track that is subtle while being undeniably charming. Powerful, timeless and hopelessly nostalgic, Tiny Dancer is one of those songs that touches everyone’s hearts.


Bennie and The Jets


Described by Elton as a “sci-fi rock goddess”, ‘Bennie’ is a female character who represents a member of a prototypical female rock ‘n’ roll band. The song itself is meant to be Orwellian, almost futuristic track that was created to honour the glam rock ballads of the early 1970s. After Bennie and The Jets, Elton became known for his eccentric appearance, particular for his bizarre collection of sunglasses. It’s futuristic, a little robotic and a whole lot of fun.


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


As his appearance got wilder and wilder, so too did his music. With an explosion of glitter, electric boots, mohair, drugs, sex and kooky sunglasses, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was born. As one of Elton’s most grandiose and ridiculous anthems, it’s one of those tunes that just makes you want to dance. In this track, Elton explores his most chaotic stylistic impulses and deliciously self-indulgent fantasies.


When Elton John burst onto the pop music scene in the early 1970s, his utterly unique sound and flair for the dramatic dazzled audiences across the globe. On Sunday October 1st, Sir Elton John will perform at an incredibly special outdoor concert at Rochford Wines in the Yarra Valley. Melbourne On The Move is offering coach transfers to and from the concert, to make your day that much easier. Get in touch by calling 1300 558 686 to book your seats today.