The Legacy of Stevie Nicks

“I totally believe in magic. Because my life, I think, has been very magic, and magical things have come true for me time after time after time.” – Stevie Nicks


Released in 1976, Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumours took the world by storm. Its interpretation of pop through acoustic and electric instruments paved the way for new ways of thinking and being in the post-free love era marked by the Vietnam War, The Watergate Scandal, and the beginnings of the digital revolution. But for many, what really stood out on this album was Stevie Nicks. Dancing wildly, loosely, and yet entirely harmoniously, Nicks had only just begun blazing a trail across the American music scene. In this article, we’ll be delving deeper into the legacy of Stevie Nicks, and why she is loved by so many people.

Stevie Nicks (1)

Precocious beginnings

Nicks was born on May 26 1948, in Phoenix, Arizona, and was surrounded by country music and fairy tales during her childhood. At the age of 16, she received a guitar and wrote her first love song, called “I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost, and I’m Sad But Not Blue”. She spent her formative years continuing to write music, and was described by those close to her as dreamy, romantic, and very much immersed in her own world. Nicks began working with her former partner, Lindsey Buckingham, in his band called Fritz in 1967, and their music career continued together through until the fateful Rumours album.


A feminist powerhouse

In 1981, Nicks released her first solo album, Bella Donna, and following critical and commercial acclaim, Rolling Stone named her “the Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll”. As someone who wanted to carve out her own narrative of femininity, Nicks crafted stories about the mystical and enigmatic pull of women. Through her journey, she inevitably expressed her own version of the female identity in a way that was subtle and complex, and encouraged her audiences to find their authentic selves in turn. She wasn’t entirely innocent, with lyrics that spoke about drug addictions and one-night-stands, but she always told an intricate, layered narrative.


An enduring rock icon

Surrounded by lace, chiffon, and velvet, Nicks staked her place within the cultural landscape of American pop music where she stands to this day. With her unique ability to connect to anyone through empathy and vulnerability, she is an extraordinary departure from cookie-cutter pop music. She will return to Australia for an exclusive run of her 24 Karat Gold shows in November, including a show on Saturday November 18 at Rochford Wines. Melbourne on the Move is offering coach transfers, with a variety of pick up points to and from the show. Don’t miss out on seeing the queen of rock and roll herself! Book your seat online or get in touch by calling 1300 55 86 86 today.