The MOTM Guide to Practical Festival Fashion

Melbourne is famous for it’s mercurial weather, and during the spring months, the old cliché of ‘four seasons in one day’ achieves new heights of ridiculousness with fierce gusts, sudden downpours, and piercing sunlight often all occurring on an hourly basis. Spring also marks the beginning of the warm weather festival season, with events like A Day on the Green and One Electric Day running throughout November. As any seasoned Victorian festival goer knows, festival fashion staples like flower crowns, sandals, singlets, and designer duds are all out of the question if you’re attending one of these events in the spring months. This week, we run through five essential tips for spring festival dressing.




Use layers

Every Melbournian knows that layering is the key to surviving moody spring weather, and the same rule applies to festival attire. Start with a singlet or T-shirt and then layer over the top with a flannel and jacket or lightweight knits that you can cast aside if the weather gets warmer.

Take a raincoat

Raincoats are an essential festival item and you should stick one in the bottom of your bag even if the forecast says fine and sunny. Nothing ruins your enjoyment of the outdoors like being caught in a cold sudden downpour with no form of protection, so don’t risk it. Waterproof jackets also make great impromptu picnic rugs if the ground is damp.

Opt for sensible footwear

Whilst it might be tempting to whip out that new pair of leather sandals you bought in the June sales, festivals demand something a little more practical. Anything open toed is not only going to become useless in wet weather, it also won’t protect your feet whilst whilst moving through the festival crowds. Whilst you don’t have to embrace the Glastonbury gumboot aesthetic, you should definitely opt for sturdy, closed toe shoes like sneakers or boots that will keep your feet warm and dry.

Don’t wear good clothes

Music festivals are often treated like fashion runways, with the fashion at big international events like Cochella and Burning Man being dissected with the same fervour you might expect at a runway show. Although it might seem like a good idea to go all out with an elaborate festival costume, it’s best not to wear anything you would be upset about damaging, as rain, mud, grass and sweat are all par for the course at spring events.

Once you’ve worked out what to wear, Melbourne on the Move are here to take care of your festival transportation. We’ve organised affordable transportation solutions for all three ‘A Day On The Green’ events as well as to ‘One Electric Day’ during November. Book your seat with us today or get in touch by calling 1300 55 86 86.