Top Melbourne-Area Wines

For one type of day trip, it isn’t just relaxing to go by bus instead of driving; it is clearly the most responsible choice. One of our most popular tours is the Yarra Valley Day Tour, where you can sip away at delicious wines to your heart’s content without worrying about a designated driver, because we have that covered. Due to its amazing variety of wines and the fact that it is close to a major urban centre, the Yarra Valley has become a popular area for wine tourism, with many of our local vineyards making a special effort to welcome visitors.

Yarra Vineyards

The Valley

The Yarra Valley is one of the best wine producing areas in Australia, and it is right here on our doorstep, meaning we can run relaxed short Melbourne day tours by bus to the wineries. The region was producing prize-winning wines as early as the mid-19th century, but by 1937, the practice had died out; at the time, dairy farming on the same land was more lucrative. However, in the 1960s, that all changed as Australian wine saw a resurgence in popularity and people began planting grape vines in Yarra again.


The Yarra Valley climate is cooler than most other grape-growing environments in Australia, which means the wines have a crisper taste. Not long ago, Australian wines were associated worldwide with deep, buttery and oaky tasting Chardonnays, however, the Chardonnay grape has fallen out of fashion over the past decade. Luckily, Yarra Valley chardonnay has always been a different kettle of fish, with a bright, distinctive flavour popular with critics and casual drinkers alike.

Sparkling Wine

If you are interested in bubbles, you may like to know that legendary french champagne company Moet et Chandon chose Green Point in the valley as the site for growing champagne-style grapes. Since then, Domaine Chandon has been an award-winning wine and is considered one of the best ‘methode traditionelle’ wines in the southern hemisphere.

Pinot Noir

In terms of reds, Pinot Noir is one variety that this region is really known for. While many red wine drinkers prefer the richer, darker flavour of a Shiraz, true Burgundy connoisseurs will recognise the wonderful complexity of a well-crafted, lighter bodied red. Its satisfying bright red colour is matched by lively flavours that go best with game meats or young lamb. When we stop for lunch at Rochford wines on our Yarra Valley tour, why not ask for a glass of their award winning 2012 Pinot Noir?

We can introduce you to the Yarra Valley’s wonderful wines, or we can help you revisit them. You won’t need to go home empty-handed or with just a bottle or two, either. We can easily store full cases of wine in the buses’ luggage compartments. So, you’ll have a chance to explore the wines of the Yarra Valley and buy in quantity, too, if you wish.