Why You Should Visit The Peninsula Hot Springs This Summer

You might think that visiting Victoria’s famous hot springs during summertime is counter-intuitive – why would you want to sit in a warm mineral spa during a hot day, right? Well, perhaps unbeknownst to many who visit, there are actually many other things you can do with your time while on your Peninsula Hot Springs day tour. Today, we are naming just six reasons you should visit the hot springs during summer.


#1: To experience the new amphitheatre section

The freshly opened amphitheatre section of the Peninsula Hot Springs has officially been cited as the biggest expansion at the Springs to date. It features seven new hot pools (each fitted with speakers) facing an amphitheatre stage that is set to host a variety of cultural talks, classes and musical acts. That’s right – you’ll officially be able to watch a performance from the comfort of a spa.


#2: To partake in the outdoor yoga classes

It goes without saying that yoga has countless benefits for your mind, body and soul. Some of these include:

  • Meditative calming effects on the brain
  • It’s great for all-over-the-body toning
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Helps you connect to your spiritual self

Take the opportunity this summer to treat yourself to a healing outdoor yoga session while on your Peninsula Hot Springs day tour. Outdoor yoga sessions are included in your Bath House entry but need to be booked in advance. Yoga classes at the Hot Springs will reopen later this year and into next year.


#3: To visit the new wellness centre

If outdoor yoga isn’t quite your thing, then check out the new wellness centre at the Hot Springs. Not only does it feature indoor yoga, but you can also partake in a number of other wellness activities here, such as:

  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Massage
  • Health and wellness talks

The centre space is also dedicated to hosting events, such as meetings or functions. Keep an eye out for news. As the wellness centre still quite new, the Hot Springs programs for this space will be rolling out over the next few months.


#4: To check out the fire and ice experience

Contrast hydrotherapy has been integrated into the Peninsula Hot Springs experience for years now, with their cold plunge pools situated close to the hot spas. But lately, the folks at the Hot Springs have taken this hot-and-cold wellness phenomenon to the next level with their fire and ice experience.

The ‘fire’ part of the experience involves two newly built saunas set at 90 degrees Celsius. The dry sauna helps to improve circulation, flexibility and metabolism while releasing toxins and relaxing the body. Alternatively, the wet sauna (steam room) helps to clear skin, relieve muscle tension, open sinuses and reduce stress.

Then there’s the ‘ice’ component. Based on the Japanese theory of cryotherapy, braving the ‘ice’ part of the experience can help you see a boost in brain function, quality of sleep, metabolism and collagen production. In the ‘ice’ experience, you’ll find:

  • A cold plunge pool
  • A -25 degree Celsius Deep Freeze
  • An ice plunge pool
  • An Ice Cave (set between -2 and -10 degrees Celsius)

While on your Peninsula Hot Springs day tour, the idea is to alternate between the fire and ice experiences for the optimal wellness experience.


#5: To improve your health during their water exercise classes

Warm water exercises are proven to have benefits for a number of people – particularly sufferers of arthritis and joint pain. In pools of 34 degrees Celsius, the joints and muscles loosen up, easing pain and making it easier to move. Being supported by the water takes the weight off stiff joints and muscles, which gives relief to many who experience painful arthritis.

Did you know that a complimentary 45-minute warm water exercise class is included in your Bath House entry? Ensure you arrive extra early for the 7:30am classes held every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – there are only 10 spots per class.

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