Wedding Bus Hire: Dos and Don’ts

While organising wedding transport may not be as exciting as choosing the flower arrangement or booking a talented makeup artist, it is still extremely important that you get it right. The last thing you want is a bus mishap on the day that pushes back everything else. Therefore, wedding bus hire comes with a few dos and don’ts that we’re explaining today so you can keep them in mind for the big day.Wedding bus

Don’t: Be shy to ask what’s included

Sometimes, the price you get quoted when you’re looking at wedding bus hire may not include everything you wanted your transport to have. Unless you’re extremely specific, there is a chance you could be disappointed on the day. You don’t want to hire a bus only to find out on the day that they don’t allow alcohol, or that they don’t have a way to play the playlist you spent hours creating.

Do have an open conversation with your booking company instead. Tell them your exact plans and have an honest conversation with them as to whether it’s possible to achieve your plans.

Ask them some of these questions:

  • Is there a minimum hiring spend?
  • What is included?
  • Are there any packages available, such as additional trips for the groom?
  • Can they account for detours if needed?
  • Do they book more than one wedding per day? (You don’t want to be rushed!)


Don’t: Forget your guests

When you collect quotes for wedding bus hire, you’ll be asked to give an approximate number of guests that will be on the bus with you. Miscalculating this number can seriously mess up the flow of the day if multiple trips are needed. On the other hand, booking a bus that is far too big will be a waste of your money.

Do make a list dedicated to naming who exactly will be on the bus. Offering a ride to your bridal party is quite common and is a great way to ensure everyone in your party turns up to the event on time to support you.

However, you should also consider other guests. Is there anyone on the guest list who does not live in an urban area and might need a lift to the wedding? Or alternatively, is your wedding happening in a rural country town away from where most people live? It can be a nice gesture to offer these family members or friends a spot on the wedding bus.


Don’t: Leave booking to the last minute

Wedding transport should be organised after venues have confirmed, and at least four to six months before the wedding. Any less time is risky – especially if you’re marrying in peak wedding season!

Not only is there the chance that you might not get a wedding bus if you leave it too late; there’s a good possibility that you’ll skim over all the paperwork and miss something important, too.

Do get the booking done early. Leaving plenty of time to source the perfect bus for your wedding will make all the difference.

Here are some ways you can compare wedding buses when you’re researching:

  • Weigh up what’s included in the wedding bus hire (including capacity)
  • Research testimonials and reviews
  • Look at photos of the bus (particularly the interior)
  • Gather quotes and compare prices (though keep in mind that price shouldn’t be the only important factor)


Don’t: Organise a tight schedule

Ideally, schedules are there to be followed. But unfortunately this often just isn’t the case. Even the most well-organised weddings fall behind schedule at various points in the day.

Try and avoid an extremely strict schedule because this will only set you up for extra stress on the day. While it might be cheaper to hire the wedding bus for a shorter amount of time, it will end up costing more anyway if you or your party is late for pickup.

Do leave yourself plenty of time for the day. Give yourself buffer times between each location; it’s better to sit waiting for your shuttle than to rush your hair and makeup because the driver is waiting for you.


Melbourne On The Move can help with wedding bus hire for your special day. We will work closely with you to create the perfect itinerary so the day runs as smoothly as possible. Call one of our dedicated team members on 1300 55 86 86 to discuss your wedding transportation today.