9 Impressive Advantages to Having a Winery Wedding

Our last article took a look at six stunning wineries around Victoria that will make your special day an unforgettable and iconic experience. But, if you’re still not convinced your wedding should be at a winery, our wedding bus hire experts are here to list nine advantages to get you over the line.

Wedding at a Winery with Vineyards


1.     Picturesque backdrop

Wineries are known for their vast rolling hills and lush, picturesque landscapes, so you know that no matter which one you choose – you’re going to be getting married amongst an unforgettable backdrop. You and your guests will remember the scene for decades to come. Of course, depending on which winery you choose, you may even get some bonus scenery like enchanting forests or flowing rivers.


2.     All-inclusive packages

Generally speaking, if you choose to get married at a winery, you won’t have to go very far for the reception as a lot of wineries tend to have function spaces on-site. This streamlines the whole day immensely as guests can just mingle at the winery until the reception and not have to worry about travelling to a second location. It also makes planning easier in the lead-up as all the bookings can be done through the winery. It also presents an easy transportation option as a wedding bus can be hired to transport the bulk of (or all of) the guests to and from the venue.


3.     Indoor and outdoor options

If the date is fast approaching and doesn’t look like the weather is going to hold, then a lot of wineries have the option to host the service indoors. Some venues will have traditional chapels and others will have more alternative settings such as cellars or even just modern reception halls that can be alternatively fitted. Having the backup location at the original location will come in handy should the forecast take a turn for the worst.


4.     A drink selection like no other

Being a winery, it’s expected that the selection of drinks on offer will be unparalleled – but it won’t stop at just wine as many wineries also house a carefully selected range of beers, spirits, ciders and non-alcoholic beverages.


5.     Premium in-house catering

Most wineries have their own kitchen and restaurants – a lot of which specialise in fine-dining cuisines – which means your reception will have a fantastic range of high-quality foods for you to choose from. From gourmet, full-flavoured meals to exquisite canapes, your special day will be full of exceptional dishes. Some wineries will specialise in certain cuisines and others will be flexible. This will allow you to sit down with the organisers and organise a carefully crafted menu for your big day.


6.     Natural lighting

Natural light is one thing there will be no shortage of if you choose to have your wedding outdoors at a winery. Even if the weather forces you inside – many wineries will have buildings with large glass panels for ceilings and walls allowing much of the outside environment to still carry indoors to some capacity. This can set the mood for a unique and gorgeous wedding even if the weather may not quite allow an outdoor ceremony.


7.     Serene environment

Being in the countryside means you will hardly have to deal with any background noise like cars driving past compared to holding a ceremony in the city or suburbs. Instead, you’ll be left with a pristine and blissfully serene natural environment for you to enjoy.


8.      On-site accommodation

More and more wineries nowadays have hotels on their premises (or a short walk from) which means if you choose, you and a select few close guests can stay overnight to streamline things on the day. Some locations even have special rooms and areas that are designed for on-the-day preparation as well as to provide a place to gather and relax between the ceremony and reception.


9.     Experienced organisers

With in-house chefs, a dazzling range of drinks and various buildings and accommodation on-site – you’re going to need someone who knows the ins and outs of all the wineries’ features. That’s why wineries will generally have an experienced wedding organiser and planner who will be with you every step of the way from the initial inception of the plans right to the end of your special day to make sure everything goes smoothly.


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