Yoga: How It Can Benefit You

From increased strength, to improved mental clarity, yoga is truly an amazing form of exercise and relaxation. In this week’s blog, we’ll be talking about the three core tenets of the human experience, and how yoga can enhance your life through them.



According to research, meditative practices such as yoga allow us to actually rewire the neural pathways of our brain. This means that meditation softens our fear response, so that you will no longer have such a strong reaction to stressful situations. That’s why yoga is an incredible practice for those of us who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression- the meditative quality of this exercise means that you’ll be able to improve your mental clarity for overall happiness.



It’s no secret that yoga produces amazing physical results. Haven’t we all attended a yoga class where our teacher looked enviably fit, happy and healthy? The reason behind the yoga goddess phenomena is simply; yoga tones almost every area of your body. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking to build lean muscle mass and increase strength; it also improves balance and flexibility. Because the only tools required are a mat, some comfy clothes and your body, it’s also one of the best workouts for the low maintenance gal.



Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years as a spiritual exercise. Originally documented in the Rig Veda of Northern India over 5,000 years ago, yoga was built from a shared purpose to explore self-knowledge, action and wisdom. Though it’s become much more commercialised over time, yoga’s spiritual roots continue to influence its practice today. As we’ve mentioned, yoga is a meditative practice that quiets the mind, improves focus and enhances mental clarity. It’s more than a physical workout- yoga is about connecting with your inner self in order to overcome the ego and find meaning and fulfillment in our lives.


Of course, yoga is most beneficial if practiced regularly, but the benefits from just one session are undeniable. Why not give it a go for your next girls’ day out? Melbourne on The Move make transportation simple with our shuttle services so that you can enjoy a day off without a care in the world. Get in touch by calling 1300 55 86 86 for more information or book your seats online.