Your Go-To Guide For Music Festivals

With summer in full swing, music festival season is well underway. From cultural festivals featuring the best food, wine and music from across the globe, to grungy, street style festivals perfect for shimmying your way through balmy summer nights, to fun-filled, day festivals made for family outings, there’s something for everyone. At Melbourne on The Move, we’re always heading off to a new festival. So in this week’s blog, we’ve put together a handy how-to guide to make sure that your next music festival trip is a roaring success.

Happy festival goers

Tip #1: Don’t hide behind your phone the entire time

It’s no secret that music festivals are often lifelong memories we want to keep forever. But with the increase in technology use these days, it can be easy to get caught up in documenting your experiences, rather than actually experiencing the festival atmosphere! Sure, it’s understandable that you may want to film your favourite artist singing your all-time favourite song but remember to stay in the moment as well.


Tip #2: Preparation is key

There’s nothing worse than arriving late, waiting in long lines or getting lost when you’re at a music festival. That’s why it’s so essential to read up on the festival guide beforehand to scope out the venue and take note of when your favourite acts will be performing. Most music festivals will release a map and information pack for their guests, so be sure to read up before the big day!


Tip #3: Enjoy yourself

With any music festival, there’s bound to be a lot going on. From shared toilet facilities, to the potential for sunstroke, to food truck cuisine, to queueing up to see your favourite artists, there’s a lot to keep in mind. But try to make sure that you don’t get bogged down by the worries that come along with festivals. For those among us who prefer organised fun, it’s okay to let your hair down a little more than usual! After all, if you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point?


At the end of the day, music festivals are all about fun, and there are no real rules. But if you’re after a fuss-free day, why not consider booking to travel with Melbourne on The Move for your next music festival? Our friendly team will get you there on time, so that you can focus on enjoy yourself. Book your seats online today or contact us on 1300 55 86 86 for more information.