Melbourne Music Events and Festivals

    Carefree: that’s what you’ll be if you take advantage of Melbourne on the Move’s coach hire for concerts and sporting events. There will be no nightmare parking queues. If there’s bad traffic, you won’t be the one who has to deal with it; you’ll be in the care of a calm, knowledgable professional bus driver. You’ll get there on time, you’ll get home promptly, and the journey and event will be 100% social and fun with no worries, just great memories for you, your friends and your family.......

    Bus Hire For Concerts

    When you go to hear your favourite artists, it’s an intense experience. You’re excited and you want to get the most out of the show. Whether you join in on a scheduled Melbourne on the Move bus to a popular concert or arrange a coach hire with a group of friends, you’ll get a chance to feel the anticipation and excitement on the way there and re-live the experience on the way home. There will be none of the stress or distraction you’d experience if you were driving. We’ve hosted bus trips to see Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Cold Chisel and many others. Gather a group and book us next time your favourite band is in town. If you’re the band and you need a lift, then you can book a Melbourne on the Move bus hire, too!

    Bus Hire For Sporting Events

    Whether you’re on a team or you’re supporting a team, consider hiring a Melbourne on the Move bus to get you to the match and back. If you’re the competitors, working out your mental game on the way to the field, then a bus ride will give you the time you need to get focused. If you’re a fan gearing up to give full support to your team, you’ll feel the spirit and arrive at the game fully prepared to cheer them on to victory. For sporting events, bus hire is clearly the best way to come and go for both the fans and the teams.

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