Melbourne Music Events and Festivals

    Take advantage of Melbourne On The Move’s concert and sporting event transportation services for an easy and carefree ride to the venue. Melbourne On The Move partners with event companies to ensure smooth, higher-capacity transport options for patrons and event locations that are poorly serviced by public transport. Every patron deserves to be able to attend a concert or sporting event and have a safe passage home.

    • The benefits of Melbourne On The Move’s event transfer services include:
    • - Reduced traffic entering and leaving the event
    • - Timely service and departure
    • - No expensive rideshare surge price charges
    • - Easy transit in and out of the venue without having to worry about onsite parking queues or available spaces.
    • - A friendly and reliable experience for patrons.

    There’s nothing worse than having a great time at a concert or event, and then finding out you have no way home without breaking the bank on expensive rideshare fees. With Melbourne On The Move’s event transportation booking, you’ll get there on time, you’ll get home promptly, and the journey and event will be 100% social and fun with no worries, just great memories for you, your friends, and your family.


    Bus Hire For Concert Transportation

    Melbourne On The Move partners with event companies to provide dedicated concert transfer and event transfer bus services for large-scale events. When we partner with an event, patrons can choose to join a scheduled bus service from dedicated pick up/ drop-off spots around Victoria. Event transportation booking is available via our website or the event site. Find out more about the events we will be providing dedicated services to down below.

    Enjoy a dedicated concert transfer with Melbourne On The Move’s premium services. We’ve organised and hosted concert transfers for many of the biggest music festivals in Victoria such as Spilt Milk, Groovin The Moo, A Day On The Green & More. We have also delivered for major concerts such as Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Cold Chisel and many others.

    Bus Hire For Sporting Event Transfers

    Whether you’re supporting a team or on the team, consider hiring a Melbourne on the Move bus to get you to the match and back. For competitors, a bus ride will give you the opportunity to get focused on the game. You and your team can discuss strategies and get in the mental headspace before arriving at the field. If you’re a fan gearing up to give full support to your team, you’ll feel the spirit and arrive at the game fully prepared to cheer them on to victory. For sporting events, bus hire is clearly the best way to come and go for both the fans and the teams.

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